Our Mission

To help promote the widespread understanding of promising future technologies and explore new ways of using technology to connect people.

Why are we different?

"Technology is like an endless staircase. On the bottom step sits a sharp rock that was used to smash open a coconut, the next step an arrow head tied to a stick used to catch food, and the step we're currently on holds the entire world wide web. With each step we discover slightly better tools. Climbing this staircase has made yesterday's wizardry today's reality."

We are futurists who live and breathe technology, and we are fascinated by the story of human technological progress. Through this we’re highly motivated to identify the really interesting aspects of our clients' projects and storytell with insight, vigour and enthusiasm. In keeping with this, we believe that good PR cannot be done at arm's length, and we prefer to be involved with your meetings, get to know your team members and really understand your vision, values, and breakthroughs as they happen.

Our genuine belief in the benefits of well thought-out technology means that we choose to work only with teams and projects we’re really excited about and interested in, and we’ve made many good friends along the way.

What do we bring to the sector?

Anthony Burr is a former newspaper and television journalist who has worked with The Sunday Times, Daily Express and Sky Sports. He is now a well-known ‘PR Man’ after forming Burr Media in 2009.

Michael Samy is a former doctor who worked in marketing, web and graphic design before co-founding StoryGen with Anthony. He has a broad skill set, developed over years of curiosity and experimentation with design, code, CAD, 3D games development and more.