About Us

Anthony Burr
Director & Co-founder

Anthony Burr is a Public Relations expert who specialises in Publicity, Media & Crisis Management and Story Brokering. A former newspaper and television journalist with The Sunday Times, Daily Express and Sky Sports, Anthony is now a well-known ‘PR Man’.

Clients have included sporting legends Wayne Rooney and Joe Calzaghe, media houses Bauer Media, Universal Music and Sony. He has also been credited for his lobbying and publicity work with some of the UK's leading politicians and charities.

Anthony's great knowledge and experience as a journalist breaking exclusive stories and as a successful PR operator exemplifies that he has a first-rate understanding of the global Press landscape from Manhattan to Moscow, from launching start-ups in the Seychelles to advising cabinet ministers in Downing Street.

Most recently he has demonstrated a method of achieving results for startups and their founders in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors. Coverage and profiles in the international media have helped his clients achieve global recognition and funding equating to millions of dollars.

Michael Samy
Director & Co-founder

Michael Samy is on a mission to discover and create new ways of simplifying complex concepts and tasks. In the past he has undertaken projects ranging from UI design, to web development, to 3D CAD and creating VR experiences, learning a vast range of skills along the way.

Michael trained as a doctor, qualifying with a medical and biomedical engineering degree in 2012. Whilst studying, he would moonlight for celebrity clients in areas as diverse as fashion and lifestyle coaching, and spent much of his time riding bicycles around London, including, once, a Pedersen with wooden wheels.

After qualifying, he worked in Ear, Nose and Throat surgery and he kept his technical and creative skill set up to date by designing websites, writing, and creating CAD models of bicycle parts, medical devices and even his fiancée's engagement ring, which he had 3D printed. After realising that technology and creativity were his real motivators, he quit his job and took up a marketing role where his job responsibilities crossed into graphic design and web development, as well as content and copy writing.

His love for problem solving and learning means he is a flexible all-rounder, with the toolkit necessary to venture into uncharted territory and tackle a wide variety of challenges.

Yana Maksimochkina
PR Consultant

Yana is a consummate PR and media relations professional with over 10 years  of experience in overseeing and implementing media campaigns in the Russian,  British and international press.

Prior to moving to London, she worked at Russia's two biggest PR agencies,  handling communications projects across industries including technology,  culture, education, science, tourism, beauty and healthcare.

In the UK, she's worked as a TV producer in an international news agency, a  PR manager for the 2014 Russian Debutante Ball in London and as PR  co-ordinator for the 2016 Russian Film Week.

Yana has a passion for cross-cultural projects and charity work. Her recent  projects included an Art Exhibition on the Siege in Leningrad in Cambridge  and Kino Klassika's film season 'A World to Win' in London marking the  Centenary of the Russian Revolution.

Yana is regularly involved in the projects of the Naked Heart Foundation and the Gift of Life.

Cameron Brownlee
Expert Advisor

Cameron Brownlee is a software engineer and cryptocurrency trader and investor born in California and educated in Dublin and Sweden. His work includes the development of altcoin price tracking and alert software which he has successfully utilised alongside his own trading strategies.

Cameron graduated from Kristianstad University in Sweden with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. As an early adopter of cryptocurrencies, he spotted the value of the technology early on and spends his waking hours keeping ahead of the curve on new cryptocurrencies and ICOs, as well as analysing the markets and computationally identifying arbitrage opportunities.

Cameron has featured in the media as an expert on cryptocurrencies, advising on regulatory matters, as well as the future of the technology.