Our Mission

To shape stories that will interest and engage your audience and help ignite the widespread understanding and adoption of the promising future technologies that our clients are working on.

Why are we different?

StoryGen is not your average PR agency. We are futurists who live and breathe technology, and we are fascinated by the story of human technological progress. Through this we’re highly motivated to identify the really interesting aspects of your project and storytell with insight, vigour and enthusiasm. In keeping with this, we believe that good PR cannot be done at arm's length, and we prefer to be involved with your meetings, get to know your team members and really understand your vision, values, and breakthroughs as they happen.

Our genuine belief in the benefits of well thought-out technology means that we choose to work only with teams and projects we’re really excited about and interested in, and we’ve made many good friends along the way.

What do we bring to the sector?

Anthony Burr is a Public Relations expert who specialises in Publicity, Media & Crisis Management, and Story Brokering. A former newspaper and television journalist with The Sunday Times, Daily Express and Sky Sports, Anthony is now a well-known ‘PR Man’. He regularly positions his clients in the BBC, Forbes, national and international media and on TV, and his portfolio of past clients lists a multitude of household names and brands including Wayne Rooney, Joe Calzaghe, Sajid Javid, Sony, Universal and Bauer Media.

Michael Samy is a techie and former medical doctor with a broad skill set which includes web development, design and communications. He has worked as a freelance web and graphic designer and head of internet marketing at a telemedicine company. His breadth of experience working and tinkering with a vast range of technology projects, as well as in meeting and treating patients from all walks of society, has given him the insight and understanding necessary to distil complex concepts into easily understandable terms with empathy and insight.